What is a Full Bodied Wine?

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What is a Full Bodied Wine?

What is a Full Bodied Wine?

  • Sathish Shenoy

    Hi Sayoni: Good article but Red and White wines are normally classified separately. Red wines are classified as full, medium and light bodied. Some experts make a further distinction as full bodied and firm, full bodied and smooth, medium bodied and light bodied. On the other hand White wines are classified as full bodied & rich, aromatic & flavourful, off dry & fruity and light & crisp. Some examples are as follows:
    Red Wines:
    Full bodied and firm: Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo and Bordeaux
    Full bodied and smooth: Shiraz, Cab-Merlot, Ripasso etc
    Medium bodied: Valpolicella, Merlot, Cotes du Rhone, Burgundy
    Light Bodied: Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir
    White Wines:
    Full Bodied & rich: Chardonnay
    Aromatic & flavourful: Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer
    Off dry and fruity: Riesling, Muscat/Moscato
    Light and Crisp: Pinot Grigio

    Your classifications are mostly correct but keep reds and whites as separate class of wines. Pinot Noir is really a light bodied Red wine.
    Bear in mind, I am a consumer and not a Sommelier! I am of the belief that as a consumer one can be guided by expert advice but what you enjoy should be based on your experiences!

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